My Babies!

My Babies!
One, two, three reasons to follow the Lord!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Busy, but good

This weekend we went home to visit family and friends. It was busy, fast and a little hectic but it was also good. Charlie didn't get in until about 4:00 Friday pm and then we got up early Sat and took off for the big KY. We dropped our cat off to donate to someone else(long story I'll tell another time), came back to visit with my parents for a bit. Then went to his parents. Left the kiddo's with Chet and Linda and went to meet Zack and Lauren for dinner. That was great! We ate at Cheddar's and it was tastey! Cape doesn't have one, so we were excited to try something new. We had some really great fellowship with our friends who still haven't come up to visit us sense we've moved here, even though they keep saying they're coming..... LOL!! (you guys knew it was coming)
Then we went to our old, will always be our home church on Sunday, ate lunch and headed back home. Charlie left at about 8:30 this am for OK. CRAZY!! I LOVE YOU baby for all you do for this family!

Ok.. so I really don't have a new church update because we weren't here to go to a new church. This Sat. we will visit La Croix again and continue to see how that goes and if God lays this church on our hearts. I'm not sure if we will go to our current church Sun or not? We haven't discussed that yet?

I have felt very close to the Lord this past week and weekend. Sometimes it's like that, isn't it? We feel Him everywhere. He's right there with us! And other times it's like He's a million miles away. It's those times we really need to buckle down and just walk it out. Keep going even when we don't feel anything, hear anything, see anything. That's FAITH! That's were the rubber meets the road. That's getting down to the basis of where you are as a Christian and how you handle the voice of God. Sometimes He's very quiet. I have really felt pressed lately to be more still. Be quiet and know He's God. Be soft and listen for the voice. I pray that I'm growing from this and this will strengthen me. It is in the good times of our live we really need to press into God and soak up as much as we can. Because when the drought comes, and they always do, we have to use our reserves. We have to hang on, sometimes with a death grip just for a small bit of peace. If we don't fill our tanks when the good times come, how will we have the strength, the faith and the knowledge to do it when the valleys are long and dark. When we are scared out of our minds? We have to learn and study and get the word in us when we're on the mountain, to be able to face the valleys! If not, we will never survive!

Thank you Lord for your word and for what it does to us and for us! May we all be challenged, including myself, to take our bible study to the next level! Open our minds to understand all you have for us in those Holy pages!

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