My Babies!

My Babies!
One, two, three reasons to follow the Lord!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Prayer can be a scary thing sometimes. If we don't hear for God does that mean there are things in our lives that need to be adjusted so we can be more in tune with Him? Or is it just His way of telling us to be patient and trust Him?

I believe most of the time it may be we do all the talking and not enough listening. That is what I am working on. Being still and quiet. Listening for God. It is really new and something I really don't understand right now, but I'm hoping over time it will become more clear to me how to really "HEAR" from God. That is my desire. To be so in tune with Him that we talk. Seriously talk.

I talk.. then he talks. He tells me what his burdens are so I can be a greater impact for Him. I think this week that one has struck me the most. Asking God what burdens Him so we can also feel that burden and in turn become even more effective for the kingdom. For if we know and understand what breaks the heart of God, we will be one step closer to helping in ways we never dreamed we could.

May this be our new prayer. Open our eyes. Speak to our souls and tell us Your burdens. The burdens you have for your people, families, children, nations. Jesus calls us a friend. A FRIEND! When you know a friend has a burden, you want to help. You want to try and take away as much of that burden as possible don't you? That's part of being a good friend. Sometimes I think we take God's friendship as a one way street. We dump all our stuff on Him, asking for fixes but never stop to ask or consider what's going on with Him. If our earthly friends treated us like that, I dare say they would not be friends for very long. It would become extremely burdensome!

So.. with all the "dumping" going on and very little helping skyward, I KNOW God has some pretty big burdens. They are named all through out the bible and I know things haven't changed in God's heart. He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Inquire of God's burdens. How can we help? What can we do Lord? I love that song... Give me your eyes so I can see.. Give me your love for humanity. Give me a heart for the broken hearted. If we know what breaks the Lords heart, we are that much closer to truly knowing our Saviour!! And isn't that what we as Christians are trying to do. TRULY KNOW our Saviour! I pray that's what we all are seeking!

Lord forgive me! I'm probably one of the biggest "dumpers" out there! Forgive my selfish heart. Make me known to Your burdens that I may be the most effective woman of the Most High God that I can be! Help me and show me how to be a better friend to You!
I Love You!

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