My Babies!

My Babies!
One, two, three reasons to follow the Lord!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Well, this weekend has been both good and confusing. So much so I have felt the sting of tears behind my eyes. Sat. night we went to the church we've been visiting to hear the guest speaker finish up the MADE series. His name was Michael Franzese and he was a former high ranking boss in the New York mafia. He gave his testimony about how God changed him, saved him, and is still protecting him because no one has ever left the mafia and lived! It was an awesome service. I bought his book so I'll fill you in once I read it.

So, today we go to our church. Charlie had to play this morning. I already told you how I got a call from my friend asking to help out with the children's ministry. Then today the head of the nursery asked if I could help them. Then Charlie tells me after church about the praise leader telling him what an awesome job he does and what a gift he has and how much he appreciates his drumming and how he can just flow with the Holy Spirit.

My head and my heart hurt! Is this the Lord telling us to hang in there and stick it out. But what about the things we don't agree with? They are some pretty major things. I do know that wherever we go or whatever we do, Charlie needs to play. If you could see him play you would know why I say that. It is so moving, so awesome. This is his gift, his calling. I know he is scared. Scared because he wants to play so badly, we have a church where he's appreciated and needed, and will we find a place for him elsewhere? I know he's scared to move!! That's what I felt today watching him worship on that platform. That was my cry! Lord.. You have to open a door if we are to go, because he is scared to move!!! He LOVES playing. It is his passion. And I would gladly place my talents on hold and place him ahead of me! So, I'm asking for some serious prayer this week. To know what this all means? To know if we are to stay or go?? And if we are to wait for awhile, do I go ahead and serve?

I cry out Lord, on my knees. Face down and humbled. What do we do? Things feel like they are coming to a head! We haven't been going to this new church long enough to know if there is a place for Charlie. And we haven't really heard from heaven to know if we are supposed to be there either. We are crying out to you Lord for guidance. We want nothing more than your will for our lives and family! PLEASE hear us and help us to know what to do. Please make it crystal clear so we will not miss.
Your humble servants

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  1. My desire to play will not exceede my desire to follow Gods will. If He says to go...then we go. I believe that if we are in Gods will, He will have a place where we can both be used. Right now...we continue to pray. I love you.