My Babies!

My Babies!
One, two, three reasons to follow the Lord!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

My endless landscape

Ok.. so my desert has gotten so big I feel as though I'm in the middle looking around to endless sand for miles and miles. One of the reasons I feel like I'm just hanging out for God is we are starting to look for a new church. AGAIN!! Not pleasant, and I'm really feeling down, confused and upset about it. That has been the hardest thing about moving here is finding a church. Our current church we have attended for about a year now, and I really thought this was going to be it.
However... it has started to shift in a direction that I don't believe fits this family. I don't feel as if we are to "shift" with it. So, I've been praying. And Charlie's been praying and we've got.... NOTHING!

I don't like silence. It's so deafening, isn't it? It would be so great if when you came to God with a problem or needing guidance he would just say.. "Thy and thy people shall go to this church.." But as we know, it doesn't work like that.

So, I'm reading today in my book (Anne Lotz) and the book is about Abraham. And she's talking about Abraham asking God for a sign to know God's promise about his future seed is true. God told Abraham to make a sacrifice, Abraham did, and then he waited. And waited... all day. Until the Lord came to him and confirmed his word.

So.. I have asked, and prayed, and sought His face. And I will continue to pray and ask and seek His face. And wait.. Until I have my confirmation as to what we are to do. Where are we to go? I want a HOME church so badly. So does Charlie. We want a place where we can be used. Where us and the children will grow in our faith. Be strengthened and renewed.

So Lord God.. I am asking again for your wisdom to know where we are to be. Where we are to serve and worship. A place that feels like family. A place where we can be used for the kingdom. A place you have for us. And I am waiting.. like your servant Abraham.. I am waiting.

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  1. Hi there my loving sister in Christ. I was just thinking while reading your blog about how we have grown up together. I love you and your family very much. I am glad that you have started this blog because it does help to get your feelings and prayers out and on paper, or should I say computer screen lol. As, I continued to read your blog I was reminded of King David before he was a king. There he was out in that field tending those sheep never knowing that the God of heaven and earth was preparing him for Kingdom work. Each avenue of David's life was preparing him for God's plan. Someone asked me last week, "Why is it that after Samuel anointed David to be king did he not take the throng"? My response was, "Because God was still working and preparing David for the task." David would be assigned to King Saul to be his music player and armor bearer. God put him right in the place he needed to be at that time until it was time to move forward for the next part of his growth. He then went on to prove himself worthy by facing that famous giant Goliath. Then it was on to the next step and so on and so on until David was ready to enter into God's role for Him as King. What an awesome story that is. Brandy, God is preparing you for His marvelous service. It may not be clear right now as it was not for David, but it will come. Be patient and steadfast in the Lord. I will pray with you. I love you, Z