My Babies!

My Babies!
One, two, three reasons to follow the Lord!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Dearest Love

I'm standing in the kitchen, supper is simmering on the stove, the windows are open and the air outside is fresh. My daughters are being sweet and polite to each other and my baby boy is crawling around with just a tee shirt and a diaper. Spring is in the air and I love it!

But there is one, several hundred miles away, who is on my mind and in my heart. He is working, feverishly, to get a job done. He is tired, frustrated and his soul is worn down. Today has not been a fresh spring day for him. Today has been long, hard and confusing. He is beat down and the end of the tunnel seems completely out of sight. Everything is hinging on tomorrow and the many stars that need to line up. The stars that God holds in his hand. So... My Dearest Love, if you are not too tired to read this, this prayer is for you.

Dear Father,
Please be with my dearest love in this world. You know our heart's desire and the reason he needs to be home in time. I am praying for a goodnight rest, peace, and reassurance for his mind, body, and soul. I am earnestly praying that everything will work out tomorrow, so he may come home in time. I am believing he will be here. Show him favor tomorrow Lord and line up all those stars.

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