My Babies!

My Babies!
One, two, three reasons to follow the Lord!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

God is SO Good!

My husband is coming home tomorrow. He will be home in time for us to go to the David Crowder Band concert together!(all may now moan in jealousy..LOL!) All the stars that needed to line up and even more than we thought came together! God took care of it all. My dearest love has a "spring" to his voice today and a lightness of the heart. I'm so blessed and joyful!

Today is another wonderful day. Sunny, perfect temp..a slight breeze moving the trees and swaying the curtains. Can you tell this is my most favorite time of year? Ha! I LOVE Christmas, but once it's over I'm ready for warm weather again. I'm not a cold weather kind of gal at all. 75 degrees and up and I'm great! Heat doesn't bother me, but the cold sure does.

So.. where am I in my wilderness? I just finished my Magnificent Obsession and I feel like I've left an old friend behind. I received so much from that book! I grew, learned more, and felt more than probably any study I have done. I know I was meant to read that book. Almost every page spoke to me. I was challenged, enticed, intrigued, uplifted, inspired.. I was changed! It told me to keep on walking, even when I don't know where I'm going. The words challenged me to really dive into God and who He is, what He is about, His plan for me and how to find His will for my life. But what I took away the most, was prayer. To offer up my heart daily, but then be still and listen to the Father's desires for all his children. Learn what is breaking His heart, pray for that need, and pray for guidance in aiding with that need in a real, tangible way. Being specific when I pray to really seek God's will. I have a couple of testimonies about that, but I must wait on God's timing to release them. But let me just say, they have totally changed how I approach His throne and my whole thought process behind my communication with my Father. So, I'm still here.. walking in my wilderness, but I don't feel lonely or lost anymore. I'm learning and growing so much! Which is what I know I need to do right now, so when it is my time... I will be ready to do the Lord's work to the fullest! I'm very excited and anticipating my assignment. My prayer is to complete it to all of God's glory.

Beth Moore has a new book out called "So Long Insecurity". This will be my next study. I LOVE Beth and she's always such an awesome teacher. I struggle (not as bad as I used to, but it's still there) with insecurity. I think a lot of women in general do, so when I saw it I knew it was for me! You see.. I have two BEAUTIFUL daughters coming up behind me. Walking, watching and learning. My Shai is turning into the most lovely lady and I couldn't be more proud, but if I still struggle with the enemy getting to me with insecurity, how can I teach and mold my daughters to live without it? God has already helped me to overcome so much of it and I praise the heavens for it! So I felt when I saw the book, this will seal the deal. This will really equip me to squash that old serpent when he rears his ugly head trying to make me feel less than the bride of Christ I am! Yes AMEN!

On I go, with sandy toes and a great tan. This will be worth the journey, for my reward is a closeness and newness with Christ. Let the angel choir sing Glory to God.. Forever!

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